Soul mission to have human experiences of violence, abuse & trauma with Arielle Spring

When birds sing by Arielle Spring

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Arielle Spring, author of When Birds Sing: My journey from Trauma to Triumph, to excavate all the secrets of a life with difficult experiences.

This show is about transfiguring your human experiences and stories into the soul mission that you are in all aspects of self.

How can you bring forth, let go of what ever is inside you, and be able to move forward on a clear, concise, soul and spirit driven path?

How difficult has your past been; how many accumulating experiences do you need to shape shift, walk through a door, and see something differently? Are you keeping a secret stash of boxes on the shelf and secret memories in your heart that never see the light of day to be able to let them go?

Who are you? Are you a collection of the bad things that happened to you, a victim of the past circumstances, or a warrior on a quest this lifetime?

Are you willing to jump overboard and let that old ship sail away into the sunset to save yourself?

Can you see that perhaps your experiences were necessary in the process of the soul unfolding?

What is your soul mission?

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