How to transcend the mind and engage in a state of pure consciousness with C Von Hassett

C Von Hassett & Rachel Reid Wilkie - Entering the Mind

Dr. Jeanette welcomes C. von Hassett and Rachel Reid Wilkie, authors of Entering the Mind, to explore the option to transcend the mind.

How can you mediate your way out of the mind and into a state of pure consciousness to expand the presence of your spiritual being? Is it possible in this year 2023?

As Dr. Jeanette shares ‘we are in the embryology state of the soul awareness and evolution’ as we exit the eons of mind control and validation of the human being.

The highest energy is already present and we are now ready as fore runners and lightworkers. We have been waiting until it is the right time for this to unfold and show others how to see through the cracks in the matrix that has held us in the human form.

C Von shares ‘I am this enlightened soul’ and lives by that mantra to see the journey that unfolds every day.

Today, dance in the ethers, the highest frequency ever and step out of the old heavy densities.

Where are you today? What are you feeling around you? Are you feeling a sense of losing things, like thoughts, beliefs, material goods, people or truths? No fear, it is the journey and how glorious can it be?

On air today we have shared our unique life stories and laughed at the joy of the process.

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