How to feel touched in communication with God by Pastor Lerone Dinnall

Armoured to Find the Light by pastor Lerone Dinnall

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Pastor Lerone Jemal Dinnall, author of Armoured to Find the Light, and share with us his personal experiences with engaging with God.

Connecting with God: how do we converse, connect, feel God inside us, act out each day and is our life a reflection of our God path?

Do you go to church each week and think you are saved? Do you seek God when things go wrong and you are scrambling in pain to find a reason why while screaming for the saving fix?

How do you find the light and feel touch by God?

Are you going away or to a religion to help you navigate your life and still seeking to find something to fill the deep hole inside of you?

Perhaps the connection with God is what you are seeking and the dogma or religions just are not getting ou there.

What now?

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