Words and emotions in forgiveness with Kelly Browne

101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness by Kelly Browne

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kelly Browne, author of 101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness, to show us how powerful our words and emotions are.

Can we become better humans in our relationships, healing our past hurts, and supporting others in our lives?

What comes out of our mouth may be pain, anger, vengeance, or struggle without the filters that we always put on our experiences to dress them up or make them more palatable.

Do we lash out to release our inner holding back of emotions and maybe spew them on to others unwillingly? Are we hurting others as we have felt we have been hurt?

When does this cycle end and the pain stop? Do you walk away broken or work to see what the source of all the hurt is about?

How much weight does forgiveness carry and is it used to heal, hurt, get rid of or dis another person because you are just so done with it?

We can be better humans and taking responsibility for our words, actions, emotions and engagements with others is the first step.

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