Our journey of awareness is coming to know the inner self with Beth Bell

Angels-Herpes-and-Psychedelics by Beth Bell

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Beth Bell, author of Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics, to explore the human story and soul path in 2023.

Our journey of evolution is coming to know the self which means we have a lot of work to do!

We are living in the matrix and now expanding our experiences outside of the limits our human has held so dearly over the decades.

What experiences have we had in life and held in secret for fear of the outside world of judgement? Are we now releasing our fears, judgements and filters of how we see the world around us?

Are we checking reality to find the illusion or are we not finding that reality IS the illusion? How free might we be to have a different life; reality is all about validation, fitting in, and staying within limits to be seen in the same frequency dimension?

What we are seeking is a freedom that we can express and an environment that supports it. How unique can your life be rather than being seen as the imprint that our current society upholds as acceptable?

Sometimes people are so afraid to thank the dark for showing up but maybe we can see it had a purpose.

Is the expansion of our consciousness in divine timing and now is the time because we had to feel ourselves as the full body human first to be able to say that the human identity is not the me?

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