Juel Maerz shares her New Age Children’s Book on Truth and Intuition

The Little Philosophers and the Tree of Knowledge

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Juel Maerz to share her New Age Children’s Book The Little Philosophers and the Tree of Knowledge. How can we nourish the intuitive and awakened child with our words, experiences, and stories?

Now is the time to nourish the children, with wisdom, perspective and just plain joy! Maybe now, we too, can be transformed by listening to the children and heal our hearts and soul?

  • What is the joy of life and can we see it with new eyes and a clean slate with every breath we take out in nature and the forest?
  • Do the trees really speak to us?
  • Maybe the grass bends with the gentle touch of our presence?
  • Might the clouds really be dancing with delight as we see them sparkle the sky?

Today’s children are already open, aware and spiritual beings, and many can already communicate and sense energy of the universe as they have come into this world with this ability as a normal talent.

Let us begin to go out into nature and dream with the stars and forest to engage in a cosmic world that is now allowing us to see all the glory and energy of this experience of life.

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For more information on Juel and her other books visit: www.TheLittlePhilosophers.com

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