William Yang explores the power of Yoga to heal the body, heart and soul

Yoga of Courage & Compassion

Dr. Jeanette welcomes William Yang of the Netherlands, to explore the concept of healing with Yoga from his recent book Yoga of Courage and Compassion.

William’s work brings together Eastern and Western concepts of healing and acknowledges the deeper essence of spirit, soul and energy that are necessary to tap into for navigating the body, mind and spirit of our being.

  • What is this space inside?
  • What is the inner voice?
  • What is the healing space we can communicate with?
  • How can we access the breath and find the flow to unblock meridians, channels, and stuck energy that harms our physical body?
  • What is yoga: an exercise of limber bodies or an exercise of the breath?

While the conscious mind is what we use to operate within the outside existence, can we allow the soul to fly free as the core of the subconscious mind and within the aspect of breath connection of the vital essence?

As we start to join together in presence, can we find ways to support healing on a deeper level that only we can access at this time in our evolution?

Listen to the Show:

For more information on William visit: https://williamyang.nl/n/ His website is in Dutch, but there is an option to translate on the page at the top.

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