What is human, soul, animal, or Sasquatch; Louis Conte explores the consciousness within

Louis Conte author

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Louis Conte, author of The Book of Sasquatch, to discuss how we can step into another character to explore our being in this world but not of it.

The novel takes us through the journey to the spirit, the soul, and the other side of the veil, from the inside story, the essence, and see what the world is made of. Can you step into an altered universe and see the world for what it is? The humans, the child with autism, the shaman, and Sasquatch, take us on their each individual journey through the mind, body, and perception of life as it appears to them in the present moment of time.

How can we see life from a different perspective, respect others for their knowing, and engage with them in the present state of existence we are all in? How are we ascending and traversing the fields of dimensional frequencies while still holding a form of the old density?

Can life be a different way if we do not feel threatened or need to compete to be seen, heard, or validated in this human story dogma? Does many need to conquer, destroy, explore, or define the existence of Sasquatch? Are we in fear of that which we do not know and must destroy all figments of any question that would allow us to explore a theory about some other being of existence?

What is Sasquatch, shamans, and children with Autism, have gifts of a higher perspective on how to navigate a soul journey while being in human form? Why are we questioning everything as if the human is the only way to be and everything else must go away, be drugged down, or put away?

Who is the superior being or do we all have a different aspect of self that is yet to unfold? Can we stand in the moment in time and just observe in awareness of all possibilities?

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For more information on Louis google search The Book of Sasquatch.

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