Love, passion, fights, trauma and relationships; do we really want to go there?

What is the concept of love that you learned so long ago and are you still running to find it? Perhaps you believe you have it and it just always wants to ‘push your buttons’, now what? Maybe you have no clue what love is and keep jumping around to put the pieces together and each time you jump, it takes a part of your heart with it and leaving you broken.

Love, fear, anger, hurts, trauma, early family life, and we could go on forever with the words that define that elusive feeling of comfort, caring, compassion and wholeness which we collectively call love.

Don’t worry if you are having issues with love because if everyone was doing so well, they would bottle and market the stuff and we would be selling our souls for it.  So if someone says they have it nailed, good luck with that!  Perhaps what they mean is; I have a hold on how the dance is playing out today and tomorrow is another day which I will see when it appears.

Can we let go of the reigns on love and defining what it is and what it is not? Can we call emotions ‘the same’? If I have pain, is my pain your pain? If I have love, is my love your love? Maybe that is the real issue here that is keeping us stuck and IN pain or struggle; the concept of ‘give me love, dish it up and I will replicate it and all is well’.

We don’t like the dance, the fights, the anguish and the challenges. We seek the bliss, the movies on television, and the sights we see on romantic holidays.

I spoke recently with Kathleen Todd and Diana Baysinger, experts on love and how to start working with your issues to find some sort of loving path that works just for you uniquely.  Click here to listen.  We dissected the word love and I can’t say we came to a consensus but we did have fun bringing up stories so you can see you are not alone in this. No one is perfect and no one has a permanent grip on it!

There are many ways to have a loving relationship and love shows up in so many different cycles in our life.  While the love we had as teenagers, we try to capture in our forties and dream of it in our sixties and in our eighties, we transform dreams into regrets or lost loves.

The keys to unlocking love are respect, honor, compassion, peace, transformation, communication and understanding. These are all human concepts that may have old beliefs keeping us stuck from seeing something different.

Are you ready to dance with something else, someone else, or perhaps just let go of the past and start new? Listen to the show, check out Kathleen and Diana’s new book here and if you need help, reach out and find someone to talk to.

Sessions are available with Kathleen and Diana and Dr. Jeanette.  Check the websites here and take a leap, you just never know what may come of it, love, bliss or joy? How novel would that be?

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