You want me to say YES to life? What does that mean?

Life has been changing, have you noticed? In the late 1900’s, (ha-ha, I just love saying that, like it was eons ago and we are living in an altered state somewhere off in the abyss) we never even thought about life, how we existed, what life was about and even if we could alter how our life played out.

Now, fast forward to 2020, the younger kids are all about dancing with life experiences, changing up the options available to them and exploring their spiritual and human growth in ways that we never could conceive with our minds or old experiences.

Have we tossed out the old and now the new has superseded the past or are we still living with many dimensions at a time and who knows what is truly playing out in our perception?

I recently spoke with Elliot Robertson, click here to listen to the show, about how to say yes to life. Is this concept new to only those under the age of 30? We shared our life stories and thoughts from over the decades and did we come up with a concise path or plan for life? Nope!

Sa yes to life by Elliot RobertsonThere is no plan, no template to drop into, and no guru to set you straight on the right path. Life is an experience and that is all there is to it.  We got so wrapped up in right and wrong, good and bad, successful or a failure and legacy or busted life that maybe we missed the whole point of this life thing?

What is life? Do we really need to have answer? What is truth? Whose truth are you looking for? What is fear? The darkness or the light depending on how the sun is shining! What is change? Why do I have to constantly morph with the fads, social media and the calendar year?

Maybe, just maybe, we can say; I hear things are changing and that is cool, I know I have options so let me dream about them, and I feel I can let go of the past and try on new shoes to walk this new life of joy and freedom. Can it be that easy? Does it have to be that hard?

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Do we really have to change and what are we changing into? Perhaps we are just letting go of the labels and stories that we have clung on to so tightly to define us.

Take out your wings and fly!

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