Managing Healthcare Pt 2 Healthcare vs Access: Supporting Patients

Managing Your Doctor; The Smart Patient's Guide to Getting Effective, Affordable Healthcare

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Patrick Neustatter, author of Managing Your Doctor; The Smart Patient’s Guide to Getting Effective, Affordable Healthcare, to explore the patient’s experience in healthcare.

Part 1 was published August 10, 2021 and this is part 2.

Who is the gatekeeper of our health? How are expansive care systems now taking over the delivery of health services and creating a business of templates and drop downs? How can a patient be heard? What is the process of supporting care to a patient in all aspects of disease and end of life?

You are the writer of your own health book and the only one who knows all the pieces of your body puzzle. What do you share with your care providers and how do you listen to what is being said of your treatment plan?

How can you navigate the system in place at this time? Ask for help!

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