Managing Your Health: Access vs Care Part 1

Managing Your Doctor; The Smart Patient's Guide to Getting Effective, Affordable Healthcare

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Patrick Neustatter, author of Managing Your Doctor; The Smart Patient’s Guide to Getting Effective, Affordable Healthcare, to explore the patient’s experience in healthcare.

How did healthcare transform over decades and we barely blinked an eye at the consequences? What did we let slip through the cracks and have now a tumbling down house of cards called healthcare? What will it take to save the system of patient care, protect the doctors and services they provide, and continue to support healing the body with all known techniques of the day?

It has gotten so complex to take care of our bodies these days when there are so many players in the process of delivering such care and all the stakeholders across the board that you simply can no longer follow the process. From walking into the Dr’s office to paying the bill and being well again is a web that we have weaved over the decades that may no longer be holding it’s own.

What can a patient do when their questions are not answered? What questions do you ask for support when things fall through? How can you find help when it is a crisis?

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