National Conscience Month with Leonard Perlmutter

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Leonard Perlmutter, founder of The American Meditation Institute, to discuss the January 2022 National Conscience Month.

Who is running your mind, commanding emotional attention, and making life choices for you? Are you using old tapes, past habits and beliefs, history and ancestral imprints, or tuning into the inner voice of your own true self conscience?

As long as we base action on inner wisdom, the intelligence is offering the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take, which in turn become the seeds we are sowing. We are the instrument for the process and sprouting of all seeds will occur when the time is right.

How do I step into the new being, open up the New Year, and become more aware of the voice within that is guiding this moment in time?

Dr. Jeanette and Leonard share stories, tips and experiences to open your awareness, inspire you to seek the next step, and engage you in thought provoking questions throughout this show.

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