Navigating the changing world of 2020!

Multidimensional living as a cosmic being!

Welcome to 2020! This is the time of life we have all been waiting for, been working to see it at its best and hoped we could affect change in the world around us.

How are you feeling; excited, hopeful, healed and ready to go, challenged, or confused?

Fantastic! I am so glad you found your way here! Welcome!!!

What would you like to see for your life going forward?

Are you noticing things are different, not fitting into what you used to do, hitting walls consistently, stuck in a rut that you just cannot get out of, or trying to wear so many different hats; what is all this chaos and confusion?

Have you said in the past few years “My spiritual life is perfect, I have it all in balance”? Have you joined the body, mind, spirit and soul paths to construct a vision of what you believe ‘living a human existence is’? Maybe karma, past lives, self-creating and claiming your power have you ever consumed that you don’t know which way is up and you just chuck the whole bag?

Just what is this moment in time all about? Are we really seeking answers, quick fixes, solutions and templates to make the journey full of bliss, walking in only white light, and shunning the rest?

Perhaps you feel quite content with life as it is in the balance you have created and the power that you have claimed, fantastic! What is next?

Fabulous! I am so happy you are here! Bring everything you have thought, learned, collected and believed with you and let us see this moment in time!

In the past decade, there has been a lot of talk about different spiritual explorations that have taken us on a journey to the dark night of the soul, through the abyss, releasing and shedding everything in our path and recreating a new identity. The concept of a spiritual being having a human existence has taken us very far in opening up our awareness and consciousness to something different about life than what we were ingrained in throughout decades past. Have you noticed; we are referencing decades here, not centuries as we have been evolving at warp speed!

Sometimes the quantum speed of existence and the esoteric conversations may seem to fly by and not be of real importance in your day to day lives. Health concerns, life issues and struggles are very real and the depths they drag you through are a challenge to wake up to each day.
Multidimensional living as a cosmic being is the next step!

Do not concern yourself which step you are on, if you have missed lessons along the way or did not get the new game book for this decade of life; you are here and that is just where your soul is guiding you.

Open yourself up to new concepts, join in the journey through dimensions of time and space and explore how to navigate with a lighter being that is no longer tethered.
The words I use may seem new to you, the journey may either be new or familiar to you, and perhaps you have walked this way before.

Regardless of this moment where you identify with, let us explore this great moment in time, living more open, exploring everything as new, expanding our thoughts and knowing all is well.

  • As you follow me here, you will find a Clip of the Day through:
  • Photos of my everyday life with words or concepts to consider
  • Postings that are created to engage you on some level
  • Discussions to explore a question that arises
  • My radio shows to listen to the process of dancing with the energies
  • Items I use in life that have assisted me on the journey to date

You may also consider a session with me for confidential opening up of something that has been bothering you, holding you back or you just need to get it out of you so you can heal. Information on sessions can be found on my websites: or

My hopes for the future would be to share my Cosmic Existence with those who are open to creating their own experience. As we dance with the light and dark, the bliss and the difficult; may we explore how to support others on this journey as it is not just for us to attain or get better, it is also for us to guide others through the journey of our soul.

Thank you for opening up to the journey!

About Jeanette Gallagher
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is a 'medical intuitive' & ‘soul doctor’. She helps you find the miracles in life, guides you to self healing methods and offers therapeutic conversations to allow your soul to speak. Dr. Jeanette hosts a radio show "Wellness Radio with Dr. J" and is the author of "Seeking Soul Gems in Your Everyday Life" which is offered free of charge at