Running from life, chasing your dreams or leaping to find your soul?

What is the journey of your days?

We love to get out into nature and put our feet to the ground as we relieve stress and exercise our physical body.

Are you engaging with the nature and life around you when you run, walk or jog or are you doing it just to shut out life’s issues, anger and frustration?

Running, feet on the ground, grounding with the earth, being able to engage with the earth experience as the human experience, and also dancing with the energies; we are running and dancing at the same time.  We are now free to live a life that brings joy, sadness, frustration, stress, pain and excitement into our awareness which allows us to process the feelings and emotions.

When you run or exercise, are you using it as a source to not feel something that is percolating inside of you or are you using it to deny or fix something in self that seems to be amiss?

When we are able to freely process what is troubling us, the joy of running becomes a love of self that is engaged in on a daily basis.  No longer are we holding things inside, letting things go unsaid, or creating thoughts that do not help our situation.

We wish to breathe deeply, see the beauty around us and see the world through different eyes.

Mina Samuels shared her story on my radio show Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette, as she journaled for a year, 365 days of thoughts, emotions and feelings about her life as she ran. Mina began to write down her thoughts on paper which took them out of her head and heart while making them real moments in time. Each time she physically set her feet to the ground and ran, her thoughts and consciousness also had a path of its own that was to be revealed.

Run Like a Girl 365 Days a year by Mina SamuelsCan you be free to share what is going on in your life, the darkness, the moments of truth that have happened to you and be more truthful with self; can you develop an inner power on your soul journey?

As Mina was journaling about her thoughts that came up during her runs, she was able to feel into the emotions and thoughts so deeply that this process has shaped her life of empowerment.

What is your soul journey and are you meeting it at the door or running for dear life? What is the life you wish to engage in?

Dr. Jeanette and Mina shared many tips on how to engage with your life on a deeper level on the show. To listen, click here.

Check out Mina’s book, daily inspiration for those who choose to run to create their lives. Whatever is showing up in your life, there are words to help you in her book. For more information click here.

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