Have we thrown away our religion, our God, & our beliefs that supported eons of humanity?

What do we believe now?

The year is 2020; what do you believe about the energy or the creator of existence?

Religion in the past had a purpose to hold us together in troubled times, give us rules to coexist peacefully and ways to be good people by respecting others.

Today, we are having a unique conversation about creating a dialogue with God as our spiritual being that guides us.

Many have run far and wide to get away from the concept of religion, God, and all that it entails. If we are running away from the past dogma, what are we now running to?

Walking in the Power of the Almighty Creator by Luis GonzalezIs this a push for religion; no, it is not about religion. It is about increasing your awareness to find what the energy of your universe is all about and have a conversation with that energy. What mystery might you find about your life, the purpose of humanity and the mission of this human existence?

Are we in the transition of evolving as people and reframing the words and works of God?  Walking with God is a personal relationship and communicating with him freely, not bound by rules or dogma, can allow you engage on a higher level of human existence that serves a great purpose at this time.

I spoke with Luis Gonzalez, author of Walking in the Power of the Almighty Creator, in which he describes his spiritual experience with an energy form he named as God. Luis spoke out and his experience was to have God appear and answer him; his words were answered by a conversation with a spiritual being right in his room. To listen to the radio show, click here.

Was it time to run in fear, claim or deny the experience or run to gurus to ease his fear of the experience? Luis chooses to continue the conversations with God and allowed him to guide him in his life each day. Who guides you each day in your thoughts or feelings of the heart? How do you navigate this life experience?

You can go directly to God for the help you are seeking and the place, the book, the rules, and the people who confine your soul do not need to be the go between; go direct!

Can we be blinded to the human things that have kept us so separate in the eons before; we can have compassion, engage with others, show empathy and love while being in God’s love and grace.

Have you had a spiritual experience and have not made sense of it yet? Did you share your experience with anyone else?

For more information on Luis and his work visit: www.WalkingInThePower.org

If you would like to speak to Dr. Jeanette about your experiences, present or past, compassion listening sessions are available here: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com


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