Zen Rohatsu and the spiritual path of awakening with Nora D’Ecclesis

Zen Rohatsu by Nora D'Ecclesis

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Nora D’Ecclesis, author of Zen Rohatsu, to explore our connection through history to leaders in philosophy and spirituality.

What is life about? What are religious beliefs and awareness about? What is spirituality?

The spiritual path we are on, who are our guides and the stories of eons past create who we are as humans at this time in evolution. Who were the past masters and what were their words of inspiration, knowledge, and guidance that we can bring into our present moment to navigate a spiritual path?

Are we perhaps at the precipice of the awakening time in human evolution?

Through study, meditation, mindfulness, and silence, we can find the whispers of our guides to illuminate our path.

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