The Truth about Love and Fear

Fear and love are on opposite ends of the paradigm and we live by desperately seeking one and running from the other. Yet in the process, we are actually locked into one and cannot create the other.

Is that so for you? Are you saying I have love in my life and I don’t fear a thing or I fear everything and cannot find love? Maybe we are supposed to be hanging out in the middle and never really dealing with either one and take what we get as kind of a ‘this lifetime punishment’ for something we haven’t figured out yet?

The Truth about Love and Fear by Rudolf Eckhardt Rudolf Eckhardt and I dived right into the abyss of contemplating fear and love. This was not an easy task and Rudolph has written a book on it The Truth about Love and Fear. We have recorded our conversation and you can listen to it by clicking here.

The absence of fear takes us to a place that we could love unconditionally; so is that when we have an expanded consciousness to be able to release all the past beliefs that hold us in this lifetime identity?

Rudolf shares his book of wisdom of how we create the beliefs and emotions of this lifetime:

  • The person you were born to be which is your authentic self
  • The self, created by the family experience and it shaped the way you look at self
  • The world defines you by your behavior as the person you become

So when fear based beliefs are absent, the person defaults back to the authentic self.  How do we work through fear when the world around us is living on that premise constantly as the fuel for its fire?

When an event presents to your experience; we have a conscious choice to look at it, see it for all it shows us, and decide how to proceed. Times have changed and what we hold in our thoughts and hearts have been spilling over for decades.

A true path to awareness and responsibility for creating your life comes with standing in the moment, sharing what is coming up, owning the emotions and feelings and then let them go once and for all.

You can transform your life and let go of some old conditioning that may feel like it is fragmenting who you are.  It is releasing what you are not from your authentic self.

This is not a perfect path, an easy task nor has everyone gotten the message and fixed themselves.  It is a new way of living that is opening up as an option to live a freer and joyful life going forward. If we can find just a few moments of time in this bliss, is it not worth the work?

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