Can you find your voice and communicate your needs while shedding the traumas of the past?

Traumas of the past

That is a big statement and not taken lightly if you have a few decades of life behind you. Trauma is the new age word we have given to how we lived through the decades of our early lives.

The early 1900’s were not easy for anyone but it was the way life was for everyone! It did not appear harsh, painful, abusive, destructive or dangerous.  It was the way of life and no one had an idea it could be any different.

We were not supposed to know anything different at that time, we were meant to go through what ever experience came around. So, why now, in 2020, are we screaming from the roof tops about how bad things were and we are damaged by those times.

Awareness is the key in retrospect. Awareness in reflection as we compare our present human condition to the conditions of the past is important. Awareness is the key to healing if we allow it.

Women were quieted down, hushed up, and knocked about when they had something to say or tried to voice an opinion. They were beaten, closed off, or shut down in a split second. These days, we would not tolerate this type of behavior from anyone, male or female.

We are evolving.  It is not happening easily as we need to dig up all the dirt, give it a blast of cleaner, drag out the roots and then give the swamp a white light to clean it up.  Can we allow the past to be purged and released?

The Power of Spealing Your Truth by Harinder GhatoraHarinder Ghatora and I were speaking about how to find your voice through all the roots of damage from the past. Change is very hard for many as the supporting people and systems around them still enforce the old ways. Sometimes it takes stepping out of your own space and creating a whole new you. How can you do that?

What is it that you are seeking, looking for or needing on a daily basis? Are your needs met? Are you demanding that others fix you or support and make you whole? This type of communication is now losing its power over those who stick their heads out of the muck. We can do it!  Everyone has something that holds them back or shows up again and again, everyone!

Our words can affect our health; can we speak up for ourselves? Are we being compliant and staying within the lanes but not getting the help on any level of our physical, emotional or spiritual well being?

We can find words and support systems to help you find a new way of living that is lighter. Harinder and Dr. Jeanette offer sessions to help you if you wish.

Listen to our conversation here and see how it affects your heart.  If you feel something stirring, it is your heart and it is time to listen.

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