Traversing multidimensional timelines and deja vu in a novel with J R Gonzales

esmerelda's web by J R Gonzales

Dr. Jeanette welcomes J R Gonzales, author of Esmeralda’s Web, to share his multidimensional novel for our top summer read 2023!

This book is awesome and large for our top summer read! The characters take you on an spirit journey through centuries of time, current deja vu, and traversing eons of stories a soul can aspire to, are you up for the adventure?

Who were we before, do you have déjà vu, or perhaps your out of body sleep time and day awaking lives are colliding? All of the dimensions of time and experience seem to be popping up in our memories each day in 2023.

Are you afraid to speak about what is dancing in your thoughts? What if we read a novel, feel free to open our ‘knowing’, and see what adventures you can engage with?

Can you go back eons before and delight in a love story, fight for survival and coming of age in times that we do not even recognize?

Do we need to go back into our past lives to collect the fragments of story and soul to heal the present time we are living in?

What are the dark times, the dark energies, and the dark energy? Are you afraid of even traversing or allowing the dark to come into your focus?

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