What is Moment to Moment Living?

Have you noticed your life is so different that it was just a few years ago?  Are you still doing things the way you used to do them or have circumstances required you to look deeper at what rules your world?

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Moment To Moment Living with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher  

Yesterday, I had a person tell me they were ‘swamped’ and could not take five minutes a day for seven days to read something that might change the way they think, add inspiration to your challenged day or just suggest that life is great and confirm you are doing a good job.

Swamped? Who is in control of the car you are driving?  Disease, crisis, loss, survival, and different issues we encounter in our lives may have a center that sourced from not taking time for your self, listening to your spirit and heart and making the day filled with love and kindness.

Do you believe you have free will and choice or are you logged into the path that others have designed for you?  You do have a choice.  While you may still do the same thing, you can have the choice to say, ‘I choose to make a cake’, not ‘I have to make the cake’.  Potentially, the first way you can find that you will be happier and lighter.

Are we changing the way we speak and the way we treat others?  Everyone giving and sharing but in their own homes and workplaces, many are hiding the real truth that they are not taken care of, they are not supported, they are mad, angry and feel an extensive range of physical and mental pain.

What can we do now?  Expose the pain and hurt for what it is.  Wail and cry and write it out.  Release the hold you think the past has on you.  Find a spot of light today and embrace it as your new day.

The upcoming year, 2020, is going to be epic! Life is expanding by leaps and bounds! Time to hold on to your hat, soul and heart; we can do this!

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