What is the cataclysmic evolution that shook the faith of the population?

Worship Wars by David Wadell

Dr. Jeanette welcomes David Wadell for part two of this discussion on religion, God, Spiritual journey and what is the intention in soul for something greater than self. David’s new book is Worship Wars: The Kings lead the battle to spirit and truth.

Are you stuck going to one church and feel that you are vested in a dogma that fits for you? What happens when another person has different views, a different church or a different dogma; do you hate, repel, stay away from, argue with or separate yourself from them?

Are your truths the only truth? Is it now the time to get everyone ‘under the same roof’ in their beliefs and we toss out all the beliefs while finding something that is ‘less than’ and the middle of the road?

How can we be middle of the road and not cause a stir or question life as we are living it? What happened to ‘shouting from the rooftops’?

We have been creating division amongst ourselves and this is moving the meter to push us father apart than ever.

Are we going to forward to expand our knowing of God in our hearts or are we going to continue to regulate him based upon the history of the past?

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