A decades long dance with self-acceptance to finally feel our true self

gray is the new black by Dorothy Rice

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dorothy Rice, author of Gray Is the New Black: A Memoir of Self Acceptance, to share her decades of life experiences through challenges, adventure and regrets.

How has your life played out over the last four or five decades? Are you now challenged to shed your old beliefs, let go of shame and guilt and toss the secrets box for good? What happens when the only identity you have known for your whole life starts to split at the seams?

Ready to shed guilt, shame and feelings of less than? It can be done, regardless of your current age!

Are we now becoming our own therapist by talking out the secrets of our past, seeing the truth of that experience, and know it has no further control over our choices.  Our new eyes, in 2020, are looking back at the past in retrospect, and judging or healing our lifetimes from so many different aspects of ourselves that we are creating a New Age of Women who are thriving without history as the tool that bind us.

‘History is the past, creation is the new way of living and women are taking the lead in showing everyone the journey’ shares Dr. Jeanette.

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For more information on Dorothy Rice visit: www.DorothyRiceAuthor.com

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