Writing Your Spiritual Journey guest blog post by Louanne Ludwig

A Journey Within by LouAnne Ludwig

By LouAnne Ludwig

One way of telling your story when you are not quite ready for everyone to know all your details is to utilize a fable or parable such as I did. The characters in my book, A Journey Within, allowed me to tell a simplified version of my own learning process of certain spiritual techniques. I wanted to keep what was being shown, as streamlined as possible and this was the perfect venue for that.

The introduction lets the reader know the book is about me and my story but told in a manner that utilized other characters and circumstances. Everything you read there really happened in my own life, but my own experiences were much more complicated. Had I written this from the perspective of a woman going through the antics that I did, it would have masked the message in its audacity.

My actual story differed in many ways. I was learning not only the techniques and processes taught through the pages of the book, but also how to integrate the spiritual gifts blossoming within me. These gifts had been developing but I was keeping them tightly under wraps. Most all my friends and family had no idea how empathically gifted I was becoming. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it weren’t for the front row seat I had to the intricate teachings I was blessed to be partaking in.

Someday perhaps I’ll write the complete story of my journey within, but for now the simple story of a boy stranded on an island where he meets pure Source energy in the form of a Sage-like mentor, must suffice.

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LouAnne Ludwig is a psychic medium who has been trained by Ascended Masters. Her new book is A Journey Within. For more about the author, visit www.louanneludwig.com.

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