Being stuck with physical, mental, & spiritual issues affects the health of your entire being with Dr. Jan Patterson

Dr. Jan Patterson-Breath for the Soul

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Jan Patterson, author of Breath for the Soul – Integrative Wellness , to explore the mind, body, spirit connection in health and illness.

When we have issues with a part of our human journey, we sometimes cannot recognize the great aspects of who we are and just try frantically to get better. This leads to ‘no one hears me’ and ‘I can’t find out what is wrong with me’ conversations. The path to wellness is sometimes just a greater exploration of the symptoms you are having, find out where they are sourced, and learn more about ways to nurture the self.

What we are seeking is a better quality of life regardless of the disease, grief, or pain of our life. We just want to know our heart and soul while finding ways to deepen our connection to what works and what doesn’t in everyday life.

Does your food nurture your physical body or are your choices driven by your mind, memories, and habits? Exercise, meditation, prayer and breath work are so essential to keep the heart going in a tumultuous time that we need to unplug and give ourselves a break.

We feel ‘I am stuck and I want to feel better’ is a conversation everyone has throughout their lives and there are many ways to improve your health and wellbeing.

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