A broken heart can teach unconditional love right up to the last moment of life

A Story Of Love by Melissa Malcolm-Peck

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jacqueline Malcolm-Peck to talk about her mother’s writings authored in A Story of Love by Melissa Malcolm-Peck. Melissa had many heart attacks and kept living her life, one beat at a time to teach her family unconditional love to her last breath.

Melissa had many heart events that were misdiagnosed, life threatening and a miracle by all standards but she kept taking one more breathe for as long as possible. She had a mission: to teach her family about unconditional love and she was determined to fulfill that mission at all costs.

Can you find love in all the turns and falling down when your health has declined?

Can you still thank God for every second of joy in life even when the doors are open to heaven and it is but a blink of an eye and you will enter the gates to eternal life? Are you angry with God?

Melissa has left her legacy clearly stated in a series of books that she had written about her journey. Today, we share about the first of three books and how her life changed forever with a chest pain that took her to her knees. A story of love for all to question ‘what is life’?

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