How will children change generations of stuck energy and create a New World

Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lucie LeBlanc, author of Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children: A parental guide to unlocking your child’s inner strength to full self-expression to discuss how children will change the world by touching all generations.

Can the children help us evolve by their existence and energy to change generation going forward? Do we need to engrain history and the past stories on kids to have their ‘know’ about life going forward?

Perhaps we have it backwards! Maybe we can learn from kids and see the world from their eyes instead of the heavy filters that decades of hardship and troubles have created as our vision.

What is the reality of life? Is there an aspect of life that we all have to align to as we see the world? What if we could dance to a unique path that we create rather than learn to follow or be accepted as our being depends on it for existence.

We are at a point in time where it is important to make a choice: to follow, to lead, to create, to be free and to let go.

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