What is the concept of God, if you have left religion, beliefs, stories, and dogma behind?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Roland Williams, author of God’s Me, Myself, and I; The Truth and Ultimate Truth about the Trinity Conspiracy, to explore the separation human’s have created by their interpretation of God’s word.

What is the concept of God, the Holy Spirit, the heavenly Father, and the stories we have been told over the decades from others and the books of so held dogma that is upheld as ‘a’ truth?

Did you leave a religion, a belief and dogma of the past behind as you navigate farther and farther from the God image?

What is your spiritual journey all about?

What is it that gave us the gift of life, the gift of breath, the gift of knowing, and the gift of being in this existence? What is the story of the human existence, our spiritual essence and our knowing of God?

Have we truly kept everything separated in nice little compartments so to please our rational validating and judgmental minds? Do we need to come to one spot about God?

Can we tap into the energy of the God spirit; is this not the unifying source of what we are seeking, asks Dr. Jeanette?

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