Becoming Divine Love and I Am on this Spiritual Journey

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Stephen Shaw, author of over 12 books on the awakened Soul Journey, and he will be talking about the I AM; Journey to Enlightenment and Divine Love books today.

How can we navigate as an awakened being in this time frame we are in while being 80% spiritual and 20% human? Can we allow ourselves to evolve to the maximum point this existence will allow each day?

Can we be magical, mystical, spiritual, human and all the multidimensional aspects of ourselves and navigate day to day? Might we realize that others too, are experiencing this confusion at any given time or day on the calendar. Since there is no pinnacle to attain and gather all your belongings to stay only at that level, in this year 2022, the dance of life is an ebb and flow process. Perhaps, this is what we are becoming greater at each day that we take a breath.

As we let go of ego and eventually find Divine Love, even if only for a glimpse of the moment, we can be more open in awareness and acceptance that we are truly evolving at just the right pace for us, one second at a time.

The I AM is when you are out of the conscious mind and in an energy form, a light being, a soul, and manifested in this human experience is the shift of accepting love and freedom from source energy.

Where are you today and how can you reflect on the wonderment as we evolve over time, never to return to yesterday.

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