The process of finding ‘the root cause’

The process of finding ‘the root cause’ does not lead to perfection, amelioration, anti this or that, or lack of pain and suffering.

The process is taking a journey through the forest with a sickle to clear the path or flying a drone over land mines ahead to protect yourself.

But what is the source of your feelings? Can they be remedied and extinguished? Is it possible to fix the physical being and expect a smooth ride?

What if you said:
I feel sad
I feel scared
I feel pain
I feel ,,,,,,,,,,

And stopped right there without a reason, attachment to someone or thing, a story, or a validation.

Might the source be the feeling?

What then? Do you run from it, dis it’s presence, drug it down, or try to hand it off to someone or something else as the ‘reason why’?

  • Find the feeling
  • Identify it
  • Hold it
  • Feel it
  • Cancel it
  • Release it

Sounds too simple and perhaps you have tried it before, but life is a spacious place with feeling bobs all around outside and within us.

Attaining a place of perfection in all aspects may not be the reason you are here at this time. Accept the journey to be the leader of running the sickle through the forest or flying the drone up ahead.

Be the one who touches and feels everything in life to share the stories of traveling through this dimension of time.

See you on the path!

About Jeanette Gallagher
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is a 'medical intuitive' & ‘soul doctor’. She helps you find the miracles in life, guides you to self healing methods and offers therapeutic conversations to allow your soul to speak. Dr. Jeanette hosts a radio show "Wellness Radio with Dr. J" and is the author of "Seeking Soul Gems in Your Everyday Life" which is offered free of charge at