Finding Hope in the Darkness of Suicide with Amir Siddiqui

From Suicidal to Serene by Amir Siddiqui

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Amir Siddiqui, author of From Suicidal to Serene, to share his story of being suicidal and finding hope in learning how to change his world.

Amir shares the food, mind, body, and spirit connection that is essential for healing from the traumas, stress and struggles of life in which we engage on a daily basis.

The journey of life can be illness, disease, struggles, depression, end of life, or just plain stuck and cannot go forward in our life. How can we assess where we are, what kind of help we need, and how to find a path that supports our beliefs, self care, and families?

We tend to negate the experience we are in, and keep running from the darkness that seems to be sucking the life out of us. When can the running stop? Who will be at the end of the road to pick us up? What if we are forgotten and left out? Will we survive?

These are all questions that our mind proposes and our heart is pushing away. Will we be ok tomorrow?

Amir found a brief second of awareness of something bigger than self that showed up through a crack in his mind, and that is what his soul held on to, to stay in this lifetime and fight for another breath.

Will you stop and check your emotions, feelings, body, mind and spirit today to see where things might be taking you down the wrong road? Can you find hope and inspiration to love again?

All is possible when you take care of bringing in the good of life, one breath, one flower, one food, and one thought at a time.

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