Take off your sunglasses & jump into a full life at any age with Rosemary Schmidt

The Happy Clam by Rosemary Schmidt

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Rosemary Schmidt, author of The Happy Clam, to share how to delight in life, release the past, and see each day as a blank sheet of paper to explore.

Discover the university of possibilities, take off your sunglasses of filters, and know the sun is there to enjoy; that is the key to living a full and exciting life! Can you do it everyday, even in the face of aging, illness, and End of Life? Yes!

Are the fears of the next step in life holding you stuck in pain, sadness or guilt? These are just filters that you hold up to see the world and they can be tossed out if you are ready.

Dr. Jeanette shares hope in remembering ‘this is where I am, this is where I have been and isn’t it awesome’! Regardless of the past and present, we still have time to open our eyes and see a new day. Our baggage does not need to collect all the hurts, regrets, and pain but it can be aired out and tossed out to clear space for something new.

Can you find a golden moment in time, even in the face of a memory that is starting to fade and the connection lines are no longer secure between each other? Can you be the human touch, the sense of eye connecting, or the hug that transmits unconditional love to a being that is longing for the warmth of each other? Rosemary shares her life story with us today on this precious gift.

We are all people in search of connection and love, can we receive and share this precious gift of life?

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