My Glorious Day!


Today, I woke up and instantly heard a message to play the song:  ‘It’s a beautiful morning’ by the Rascals.  Know the song?  Check it out on you tube.

Not every day is a great day filled with experiences that are just rolling along with ease.  But there are many days that are great which helps the slower or more difficult ones easier to flow with.  Even in the challenging days, take a second to see if there is even a glimmer of hope or light and cherish that moment.

I see life as not a doing thing and see it as experiences only to bring us to love and connect with another.  A day for me, like today

  • noticing the tree that was running water from inside and coming out of a crack
  • a tree that was cut off and left for dead had a small tree growing out of the top of it with two leafs
  • a stop at the post office and an elder woman was trying to mail something Cuba and the people were getting annoyed in the line but I had no reason to get irritated and asked her if I could carry the box back to her car because the cost of the box was too much for her to send but she said her ‘worker’ was at Walmart and she would wait as she made sure I heard her say ‘God Bless you and thank you dear’
  • opening the door of the post office for an elder man and he connected eyes and said ‘thank you’
  • took a picture of crane birds who were in the swamp land next to the large facility where they are going to house ‘Mom and Dad’ which is being built on the swamp land which is an example of humans demanding they take back the land
  • walked the dog and noticed the waterfall in the landscaping where i live was cleaned out and bleach and chemicals were poured in to it so it would ‘look nice’ and now the ducks and animals will not come in it
  • smelled the flowers at the fresh market as I always do to set my senses going into the store while watching two women cleaning their hands with sani wipes
  • while driving to the post office I had to stop and wait for the squirrel to cross the road and just as it passed on to the curb a beautiful yellow leaf dropped slowly in front of my car as if to say ‘thank you’
  • found light in everything I did today

This is what I bring to all, no matter what they have going on in their lives, these experiences make the light of their life.

Yes, I will write soon on a challenging day for me and how I work through it.

About Jeanette Gallagher
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