Pain Pt 2: Why can’t you hear me, know me and fix me?

God can't you hear me

Pt 2 of a 3 part article on Pain

New Dr. Visit:

Doc I have pain, here are all my medical records, can you help me.

Well, I am sure going to try.

Yeah, my last Dr. couldn’t find anything but I am in pain.

Well let’s see, let’s do more test.s

Ok doc, you must know more if you can do something else, can I get meds to hold me through the last ones worked good for a day or so, can you give me more or stronger.

Well, ok, but I want to see what is wrong.

Yes doc, I will do what you say.

Follow up visit:

Well I don’t see anything but we will have you sign this form for pain management with drugs.

Can I still work; my work will find out, what if my wife finds out, can I drive?

Well, it will give you meds over time at the lowest rate possible to treat your pain.

Well, ok, but you know those things are so weak and they don’t touch the pain.

I understand, but let’s try a trial time of 30 days and perhaps over time, it will lessen.

Ok doc, I am glad you are willing to help.

Follow up visit:

Well I see you have been getting your drugs regularly so how is your pain?

It is not better it is worse.

Well then let us do a urine test and see what the drug is doing inside.

No I don’t have time for that, just give me the prescription for my meds I have to get back to work.

Well I can’t do that until I have the urine test.

But I don’t have time and now you are not going to help me.

This is the process.

I figured you were just like the rest of them all a holes and can’t figure out what was wrong.

Let me know what you decide.

New Dr. Visit:

Hey doc I have had terrible pain and tests and now no one can help me, you are my last resort.

Ok, let’s see.

Thank you, you are the greatest.

I see you have had tests, that’s good, and perhaps something has changed so let’s repeat some and maybe one more.

Ok, I am ready, can we do them now.

We need to schedule them, and also I see you have been taking a certain drug for a while, let’s try a different one.

I am game; let’s get the show on the road.

Ok, try this other one and get back to me I will watch for the test results.

Ok doc, thank you, I know it is going to work.

Follow up visit:

So the tests don’t show why the pains but there are some other things we can fix and see if the pain goes away.

Great, sign me up.

I will have the office schedule you for surgery.


Follow up visit:

After surgery

Hey doc, I thought you said the surgery would help my pain, I am worse

Well, I said we would try

This is shit get me an admin get me the pope,

Well, if you calm down, I can explain

I am not listening to you, you are an ass

Well, if you are going to get out of control, perhaps, you may need to speak with someone else, I can give you a referral

You piss me off and I am going to…. Click, you are now in mental health hold.

Mental health evaluation:

I have this pain, and they gave me drugs but it didn’t help and then they did surgery and now the pain is worse, and when I questioned my Dr. they told me I was crazy and sent me here.

I see you are having issues that are disturbing your life, tell me about them.

You all are ass holes too, I don’t want talk, I want to stop this pain.

But you see, the pain is all in your head, don’t you get it.

Really, you are full of shit, it is right here, see it, feel it, don’t you get it.

I understand your anguish and suffering.

Suffering, you don’t know the half of it.

I am trying to listen and understand, perhaps we could talk and see where this all started.

Omg, talk, talk, talk, what do you want to hear?

Perhaps what do you wish to share.

I don’t want to talk, I want to exit this place, I am going to run away.

So you feel threatened.

Yes, you freak me out, this place sucks, and I am just going to escape or jump bridge.

So you wish to do harm to yourself.

Omg, what the fuck are you not listening, I have pain, fix it and get on with it.

I hear you but I want to be sure I am getting you to the right place for help.

Scream, bang fists


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